The digital photo frame

for Grandma

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Give something beautiful to your grandma and grandpa

Transform your old tablet into a digital photo frame that can be filled remotely by (grand)children!


in just 4 easy steps


Create an account

Create a family on Digi-Lijstje.nl. Invite all family members that are adding photos.

Install the app

Install the app on your old tablet and optionally on smartphones that will add photos.

Gift the tablet

Gift your old tablet to Grandma (or Grandpa)!

Send photos every week

Periodically add new photos directly from your smartphone, computer or tablet!

Grandma's made happy

Uploading (grand)children

Uploaded photos

Counted smiles

an old tablet a digital photo frame

make Grandma's world bigger!

Grandma does not need to touch the tablet

The app has been designed especially for grandma's and grandpa's. When the tablet is disconnected from the charger the device turns off. Connect the charger again to turn the tablet back on with the app! The only thing Grandma needs is WiFi or a tablet with support for 4G.

All devices can add photos

Adding a photo is a piece of cake with easy to use app. You can see in a glance which photos are being shown and whom added them. Reached the maximum amount of photos? No problem, the oldest photo is automatically replaced with the newly added photo!

Secure with encryption

Nobody outside your family should see your photos or add new photos. Digi-Lijstje uses encryption to make sure only the intended recipients can view your photos. This way you and your grandma will not be faced with unnecessary surprised!

Give Grandma something to look forward to. New photos every week!

what Grandma says (and the grandchildren)

"I think Digi-lijstje really is a godsend. The children grow up so incredibly fast. Tracking that is extremely difficult because of the distance. Thanks to the old tablet of my children, I see new photos every week. I do not know how, bit it works great. Really an invention!"

A happy fulltime grandma

"Our grandmother is happier, less in her isolation and feels like the whole world has been colored again. It sounds exaggerated but it is just what we notice. She is always talking about 'the nice photos' and is regularly sitting on her chair with the tablet in hand... thank you very much!"

a proud son of Grandma

what does the app cost?

The basic version of the App as described here is 100% free. We see it as a beta phase in which we want feedback from a larger group of people. Sign up free of charge!

Using the free version you have a basic version to make your grandma and grandpa happy. 10 photos that alternate, unlimited number of people who can upload photos and of course encryption of your photos.

Do you have any questions? We are here to help